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Why the 5 – 10 working days waiting period for my custom supplement?

Because it is formulated specifically for you and does take time to create your individualised blend

Is delivery included in the fee for my custom supplement?

Yes, it is!

What if I don’t like my custom supplement?

We go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction with our products and if we failed for any reason, please return the product for a full refund. Refer to our refunds policy for the terms and conditions.

What payment processor do you use?

We make use of PayFast to process all payments.

I made a mistake with my order. What do I do?

Email us at as soon as you have realised that you have made a mistake. You have 24 hours to let us know about your mistake. If you fail to meet this 24-hour deadline, we won’t know about the error, will ship your order and cannot be held responsible for it. We will also not offer refunds for erroneous orders.

Will you take back opened bottles of vitamins or supplements?

No. For health and safety reasons, you are unable to return bottles of vitamins that have been opened or partially consumed.

Can I retake the consultation?

Yes, you can.

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